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is the home of CH&IRS International. The Chiltern Hills & Imminent Regions Sidecarrists (incorporating The Hertfordshire Stags) has members throughout the home counties of England, as far north as Scotland's Western Isles  and as far east as Germany!

The CH&IRS offers a means of joining the Federation of Sidecar Clubs, and recieving the magazine Outlook six times a year, at the discounted club rate.


We are truly a 21st century club having formed in 2001.

How to join;


Simply contact Ted Cheer at the Federation of Sidecar Clubs (FoSC) saying you would like to join as a CH&IRS member.

You then become a member of this internet based group (CH&IRS) and the FoSC.


What you get:


You will also be given a private invitation to the CH&IRS facebook page exclusively for members of this club to keep in touch with each other.

There is a special email address for members to contact other members en masse.


You will be a member of the Federation of Sidecar Clubs and recieve its bi-monthly magazine (see News page).


Qualifications for membership:


Just an interest in sidecars.

Go on , go for it! Join us!

See Members Outfit for Sale: Gold Wing/ Watsonian Oxford, on the members page

Banbury 2004

CH&IRS heritage:

Maybe this should be on the history page but this wasThe Banbury Run 2004. The best CH&IRS meet so far.

Photo sent to our Facebook page by Paul Belcher.