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If you join The Federation of Sidecar Clubs via CH&IRS you will get one of these quality magazines every eight weeks, that's six a year at the reduced club rate.

The Magazine, (the new full colour) Outlook 2015

On joining members will receive a badge.

Subsequent badges will be made available via the planned on line shop.


Custom Regalia services will be made available to all, not just CH&IRS members.


CH&IRS members will have a discount code as will any club that is a member of The Federation of Sidecar Clubs.


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Outlook 2016

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Outlook 2017


Outlook is the official organ of The Federation of Sidecar Clubs and has been published since the inception of the organisation in 1958.


It has undergone several changes as one would expect over 60 years!


In it's current incarnation it is in it's third year of being a 44 page full colour A5 magazine.