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By stephenwood2, Oct 12 2016 03:13PM

So, the thing is there is a Fed committee meeting this week-end. It is very close to home at the Harmer Green Scout Camp where the London Sidecar Club holds it's Autumn rally.

I usually pop in for the day and last year had a very pleasant time with Ray & Chris and Rick and Iona. They gave me food and beer, pretty good huh?

I just can't make up my mind whether to camp or just pop in on Saturday, the meeting being in the morning.

I've recently finished another Outlook which is a relief because I'd been away for so long I thought it was going to be late, but no, it will probably be early.

Mick in Germany has been on the Distinguished Gentlemans ride which Jonathan and I were happy to sponsor. I believe Keith has some involvement with it as well.

The Fed rally has come and gone and was a success and the sidecar event on the Isle of Man was also a success and a jolly good weekend at which Andrew & Catherine and Marion & myself met up.

Now this meeting. Do I go by solo or take the outfit, and will it rain.

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