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By stephenwood2, Jan 3 2017 10:27AM

Torrential rain, gale force winds and deep autumnul cool. This was September in Cornwall. Thank goodness we were in a Motorhome and not a tent. One family on the campsite survived one night after their tent blew down, having to decamp to their friends canvas shelter, to pack up and go home the following day.

After ten days we left our van and flew to Stanstead in the middle of our west country sojourn, for a brief visit to the Isle of Man. The idea was to collect our outfit to board the ferry the following day.

To be honest I wasn't expecting a good journey and anticipated arriving in Liverpool soaking wet.

It was though, a thoroughly pleasant day and a good trip up the A5 for the most part arriving at our B&B in time enough for a couple of glasses of wine and a meal at a local Indian Restaurant, oh yeah, and a bottle of wine.

The crossing was mild and weather on the island was lovely for the Sidecar 70 event which turned out to be an extremely pleasant and interesting few days.

We met with our friends and club-mates Andrew and Catherine Ross who were staying at the same hotel as us. This proved to be jolly amiable. I hadn't seen Andrew since our wedding in 2012 and Catherine for considerably longer, way back in 2004 I think it was.

Unfortunately Marion had been rather ill and was feeling terrible on the ride home with me starting to catch the dreaded bug we brought back from the island. A shame, it spoiled what was a really rather good journey home on the outfit in the sun.

After returning from the island to fly back to Cornwall and our van the weather continued in the vein in which it had started the month of September. We were delighted to pack up and come home early.

I went to the Harmer Green camp as a day visitor in mid October, it being so close to home. Turning up for a committee meeting (we hold them at various rally's these days) I found I'd arisen from my bed early for no reason as it was scheduled for the following day. Still it's only ten miles so did it again on the Sunday morn'.

The ride on my outfit up to Harmer Green on the Saturday was good, especially for the time of year. However, selecting a heavy long wheel-based machine to navigate the rocky slippery and muddy climb and descent to the site and back on Sunday was not the best choice of machine. Still, I survived and kept it upright, just!

Ray & Chris and Rick & Iona were notable by their absence, being regulars at this event. I trust all is well guys.

You may have noticed a mild up-date of the website showing a picture of Ray and Chris on the home page and indeed a link to this blog.

Image: Looking back toward the UK on the ferry to the Isle of Man. Stepping out onto the small deck at the stern of the fast craft was like entering a different world after the impression one had from inside the cabin.

It was nothing short of exhilerating.

By stephenwood2, Oct 12 2016 03:13PM

So, the thing is there is a Fed committee meeting this week-end. It is very close to home at the Harmer Green Scout Camp where the London Sidecar Club holds it's Autumn rally.

I usually pop in for the day and last year had a very pleasant time with Ray & Chris and Rick and Iona. They gave me food and beer, pretty good huh?

I just can't make up my mind whether to camp or just pop in on Saturday, the meeting being in the morning.

I've recently finished another Outlook which is a relief because I'd been away for so long I thought it was going to be late, but no, it will probably be early.

Mick in Germany has been on the Distinguished Gentlemans ride which Jonathan and I were happy to sponsor. I believe Keith has some involvement with it as well.

The Fed rally has come and gone and was a success and the sidecar event on the Isle of Man was also a success and a jolly good weekend at which Andrew & Catherine and Marion & myself met up.

Now this meeting. Do I go by solo or take the outfit, and will it rain.

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